Reinforcement stabilized strands (ropes) ASTM A 416/A416M-17
  • Standard: ASTM A 416/A416M-17
  • Diameter range, mm: 7,9-15,7
  • Tensile strength, MPa: 1725, 1860

Instruction for unwinding reinforcing strands (ropes)

Coils of reinforcing strands (ropes) are marked with a paper self-adhesive label with the image “arrow” to indicate the direction of unwinding of the strand in the following order (Figure 1):

– On the reinforcing strands (ropes) of the right twist, the arrow is directed inside the coil;

– On reinforcing strands (ropes) of the left twist, the arrow points outward of the coil.

Strand (rope) of the right twist
Strand (rope) of the left twist

Figure 1 Direction of unwinding of a strand (rope)

To avoid tangling of strands (ropes) during their processing, it is necessary to unwind a reinforcing strand (rope) depending on the direction of stranding (rope) in the direction indicated by the arrow (Figure 1).

The dimensions and properties of the  strands according to ASTM A 416/A416M-17.

Nominal valuesCalculated values

Strand diameter
d, inches (mm)


Tensile strength
 kilo pounds per square inch

 (N / mm2)


Cross-section area

Sn,,sq. inch

(mm 2)

Mass of one meter length

 М, Ib./1000 pound


Minimum tensile strength, lbf



Minimum tensile load 1.0%




The minimum value of the total elongation at maximum load, Agt, with Lo ≥ 24 inches,% 
7-wire – Grade 250 (1725) – tolerance of ±0,016 inches (±0,40 mm) of thee nominal diameter.
0,313 (7,9)250 (1725)0,058(37)197(294)14500(64,5)13050(58,1)3,5
0,375 (9,5)250 (1725)0,080(52)272(405)20000(89,0)18000(80,1)3,5
0,438 (11,1)250 (1725)0,108(69,7)367(548)27000(120)24300(108,1)3,5
0,500 (12,7)250(1725)0,144(92,9)490(730)36000(160)32400(144,1)3,5
0,600 (15,2)250 (1725)0,216(139)737(1090)54000(240)48600(216,2)3,5
7-wire – Grade 270 (1860– tolerance of +0,026, -0,006 inches (+0,65, -0,15 mm) of thee nominal diameter.
0,375 (9,53)270(1860)0,085(55)290(430)23000(102)20700(92,1)3,5


Note a. The elastic modulus (E) can be taken as 194-199  GPa (kN / mm2)

Note b. The nominal linear density (mass of one meter of length) of the product is calculated from the cross-sectional area and density of 7.81 kg / dm3.

Note c. The minimum tensile strength value of 1.0% is calculated for all diameters as 90% of the tensile strength.

Relaxation after 1000 hours is not more than 2.5% at an initial load of 70% of the minimum tensile strength.

Special properties in accordance with the additional requirements of ASTM A 416/A416M-17.


The strands are delivered in coils: - inner diameter: 750 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm; - outer diameter: max. 1600 mm; - width: 750 mm, 630 mm; The maximum weight of the coils is 4 tons. 7-wire strands are delivered with in-line styling.

  • Type of winding:Strands
  • Dimensions, mm, d*D*h:750 mm, 630 mm;
  • Weight kg:4 t
  • Diameter range, mm:750 mm - 1600 mm


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