Breaking records for the production of reinforcement strands!

In May 2020 factory ”Stalkanat” manufactured 1566 tons of reinforcement stabilized strands for reinforced products. It’s a record rate during last 2 years.
Manufactured product assortment:
• Ø 6,9 mm; 9,3 mm; 12,5 mm according to PrEN 10138-3-2009
• Ø 12,7 mm according to ASTM A 416 -98 (270)
• Ø 15,3 mm according to АТ 001SC-01/275-2019
It is expected that sales of the following type of product will increase up to 8.5 % , reaching volume of 1700 tons, in June 2020.
Record rate have been reached due to the effective teamwork of sales and production department’s employees, who are involved in production and sales stages of reinforcement strands. This once again confirms the professionalism and integrity of the Stalkanat team.
Good luck to employees and new achievements!
We are ready to conquer new heights!
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